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Northern Virginia Post History

Engineer Replacement Training Center - Looking North - Fort Belvoir, VA (1942-43)



60s & 70s





 Quizzes:  Early on quizzes were posted related to presentation.  Attempts to make these monthly, then quarterly, and finally yearly, failed. Three were made:
Quiz of the Month Aug 1997—State Highway Markers
Quiz of the Quarter Sep 1997—National Airport
Quiz of the Year Sep 2000—Wilson Bridge Project


Engineers in training at Fort Belvoir, 1942-43, pass in review.
The Northern Virginia SAME Post was organized as the Fort Belvoir Post November 19, 1948 as SAME's 43th local post (they have about 150 now).   At this meeting, 58 (perhaps 62) members joined from the national society.   By the end of 1948, the Post had 125 members.   On 10 December 1998, the Post celebrated its 50th anniversary.  On 3 August 2000, the Post changed its name from Fort Belvoir to Northern Virginia.

COL B.S. Shute chaired the organizational meeting in the cafeteria of the Engineer Research & Developmental Laboratories. A luncheon followed the meeting that was attended by MG Douglas L. Weart, Fort Belvoir Commanding General. The Post received its charter 10 December 1948, which we still own and pass from President to President. The Post's first meeting was held December 13, 1948 at MacKenzie Hall (Officers Club). Our first speaker, was the 36th Chief of Engineers, LTG Raymond A. Wheeler. The Chief addressed 190 guests on the subject of "The Military Engineer." In 1949, the Post's first full year, our young Post co-hosted with the Engineer Center, the 29th SAME Annual Meeting on 11 May 1949. Highlight speaker for 1949 was the 37th Chief of Engineers, MG Lewis A. Pick. His 14 June 1949 topic was on the "History of the Corps." Five of our first 10 speakers were generals and admirals. The Post's beginning started a trend of using flag officers assigned to the National Capital Region.

1949 LTC Wright Hiatt9 monthly luncheon meetings plus 10th co-hosting SAME annual meeting

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THE FIFTIES This was an active decade with the Post gaining the Best Local Post award for 1952. A meeting held 14 March 1950 drew 400 guests, however, 250 of this number were student officers. In later decades, basic and advanced course students would "volunteer" to attend selected programs. The latter practice helped introduce the Corps of Engineer officer to our Society. Our Post profits supported pins, certificates and awards for the Engineer School, the Engineer Center, and the Officer Candidate School (OCS). The OCS started September 11, 1951 and ended July 20, 1954. The Post also awarded $100 for the best design for the Route 1 South Post gate (now rebuilt). In 1952, the Post started sponsorship of Explorer Boy Scout Post #118 and was the site of the May 12th - 32nd SAME Annual Meeting. The 14 May 1956 - 36th SAME Annual Meeting was also held at Fort Belvoir. Our 12 September 1956 IBM speaker's topic was "The Use of Electronic Computers in Highway Engineering." In 1959, the Post sponsored a grade-school Science Fair. Programs varied for the decade and included 4 SAME topics, 5 Korean subjects, and 7 dealing with Atomic Warfare. At least 18 General Officers addressed Luncheons during this decade. On 14 October 1959, LTG Leslie R. Groves talked about his former "Manhattan Project" to 300 guests.

Members tour bridge demo site during 14 May 56 SAME Annual Meeting

1950COL O.B. Beasley10 Meetings (8 Belvoir Luncheons, 1 Picnic, & 1 w/SAME in Maryland)
1951COL Warren N. Underwood11 Meetings (10 Belvoir Luncheons, & 1 August Picnic)
1952Mr. Oscar P. Cleaver
LTC Eric C. Orme
14 Meetings (9 Belvoir Luncheons, 1 Picnic, 1 w/SAME, 1 field trip & 2 Technical Sessions)
1953COL J. A. Ostrand, Jr.
COL Desloge Brown
9 Belvoir Luncheon Meetings
1954COL H. Milwit8 Meetings (7 Belvoir Luncheons, & 1 w/SAME)
1955COL Arthur R. MacLean 7 Belvoir Luncheons (No Oct-Dec data)
1956COL E. M. J. Alenius6 Meetings (5 Belvoir Luncheons & 1 w/SAME) (no Jan-Apr data)
1957COL Clayton A. Rust9 Belvoir Luncheon Meetings
1958COL Frank Milner5 recorded meetings
1959COL Alfred H. Davidson, Jr.7 meetings and 1 sponsored Science Fair

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1960 COL Edmund R. O'Brien(no data)
1961 COL William A. Sundlof(no data)
1962 COL John H. Kerkering
LTC Benjamin B. Maxwell, Jr.
(no data)
1963 COL Donald W. Hatch(no data)
1964 COL Edmonde B. Kelly
LTC William A. Sinko
(no data)
1965 COL Benjamin R. Bush
COL Hamilton W. Fish
(no data)
1966 COL William N Harris(no data)
1967 COL Hamilton W. Fish(no data)
1968 COL Raymond L. Hicks(no data)
1969 COL Martin J. Bonaparte(no data)

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1970 COL Albert G. Dancy(no data)
1971 COL Charles A. Melton(no data)
1972 MAJ William B. Taylor(no data)
1973 COL Jasper F. FelchOn-site Tour of METRO Construction including walking the Orange/Blue line tunnel under the Potomac River
1974 Mr. Thomas W. Lovelace(no data)
1975 COL John P. Chandler(no data)
1976 COL Freeman G. Lee(no data)
1977 COL Charles A. Debelius(no data)
1978 CPT Russell B. Baldwin
Mrs. Susan Olesak
(no data)
1979 COL Robert E. Conroy(no data)

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1980 COL David O. Cooksey(no data)
1981 LTC Stanley R. Johnson(no data)
1982 COL Alvin G. Rowe(no data)
1983 COL William Stockhausen(no data)
1984 COL Theodore Vander Els(no data)
1985 COL Peter G. O'Neill(no data)
1986 COL Gerald M. Tipping(no data)
1987 CPT Robert Crear(no data)
1988 LTC Robert D. Lowry(no data)
1989 Dr. Lewis H. Blakey(no data)

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After the Engineer School relocated to Fort Leonard Wood in 1988-9, and the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 ending the Cold War, the Post faced a full decade with few troop units at Fort Belvoir. Some meetings were held at the NCO Club. There was some talk of dissolving the Post. The Post did suspend meeting for 13 months between March 1992 and March 1993. However, as the U.S. Army downsized, the TDA tenant units increased at Fort Belvoir. So in 1993, MG John F. Sobke, Deputy Chief of Engineers "elected" a President to "breath fire" back into the Post. The Post has been strong and active ever since. Through 1999, 12 program speakers were generals or admirals. Cash scholarship awards were re-established in 1996 ($500), 1997-8 ($1000) and 1999 ($500) in concert with George Mason University. In late 1999, the Post started sponsoring the Ft Belvoir Woodley Hills Elementary School.
MG John F. Sobke
1990Dr. Lewis H. Blakey5 meeting through July (no data Aug-Dec)
1991Mr. George F. Braun 10 meetings including LTG Henry J. Hatch, 47th Chief of Engineers addressing 147 guests Sept 1991
1992COL Michael R. Norris2 monthly luncheon meetings
1993COL K.W. Crissman9 monthly luncheon meetings
1994COL Dennis C. Cochrane 12 monthly luncheon meetings
1995COL Richard V. Chandler 12 monthly luncheon meetings
1996COL Mark E. Vincent11 monthly luncheon meetings
Blizzard of '96 wipes out January meeting
1997COL Robert Kirby12 monthly luncheon meetings
1998COL Robert Kirby12 monthly luncheon meetings, LTG Joe N. Ballard, 49th COE speaks at 50th Anniversary meeeting Dec 98
1999Mr. Larry Lisle12 monthly luncheon meetings, Post sponsors Ft Belvoir Woodley Hills Elementary School
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The new millennium ushered in a tremendous growth of engineering firms in the Northern Virginia area.   The Post exploded in size and capability.  Post sustaining membership doubled and on 3 August 2000 the Post changed its name. The Northern Virginia Post maintains it lineage and history, luncheons, and mailing address at Fort Belvoir.  By mid-decade, sustaining members had doubled again to 32.   At the close of 2007, sustaining members doubled again reaching 67.  In 2008, with over 600 individual members, the post was the 4th largest of 115 total SAME posts.  That year the post won Top Large Post—a first!  The decade closed with over 100 sustaining members.  During the decade, these five continuing programs were initiated: (1)Scholarship Tournament (2000), (2) Homeland Defense Conference (2004), (3) Journalism Award (2006), (4) Small Business Forum (2006) and (5) sponsorship of two university chapters.  In 2005, the Post held its first Region conference and earned $67,000 for the scholarship fund.  These activities allowed us to increase student sponsorships and sponsor more students for the summer Engineering & Construction Camps.  The last half of the decade saw individual Post members active in Headquarters activities and three of our own won the prestigious Bachus Gold Medal.  The decade ended with the post winning 16 straight Distinguished Post Awards (unmatched in our Region).   At Belvoir luncheons, members also experienced reduced access/egress, new check points, and a new main entrance.   On the last day of the decade, the new Route 1 hospital construction at Belvoir was well underway (photo shows Topping Out Ceremony December 11, 2009).
2000COL Robert S. Kirsch 12 monthly activities including offsite Pentagon and GMU locations, plus a June Golf Tournament that raises $4000 for the Scholarship fund.  Post initiates and sponsors new George Mason University Student Chapter.  Post wins record 8 streamers.  COL Ed Gibson wins 2006 SAME lifetime achievement GOLD award.
2001COL Robert S. Kirsch (6)
Jeff Moran (6)
12 monthly activities including offsite DMS, D&D, and GMU locations, plus wins Silver Post status (9 streamers).  Post Sustaining members top 12 for second year and golf rainses $4500.  Post moves elections from December to June.
2002 Jeff Moran (6)
COL Robert T. Slusar (6)
13 monthly activities including offsite visit to Pentagon Renovation Phoenix Site.  Snow wipes out December meeting.  Golf raises $4000.  Post Sustaining members now up to 16.  Nine streamers won.
2003 COL Robert T. Slusar (6)
Brenda Brown (6)
13 monthly activities including one held at GMU.  Golf raises $3500.  Post Sustaining members hold at 16.  Distinguished Post with 8 streamers won.
2004 Brenda Brown
(Brenda Tudge)
13 monthly activities including one held at GMU.  Golf raises $4,500.  The inaugural annual Homeland Security Conference debuts.  Post Sustaining members increase 50% from 16 to 24.  Individual post memberships continues at over 200 strong.
2005 Brenda Brown (6)
Jim Donahue (6)
14 monthly activities including one held at GMU.  MAR April 5-7 Conference nets $67,000 for Education and Mentoring fund and June 2 golf tournament $4,000 more.  Post Sustaining members increase 60% from 24 to 39.  Individual post memberships now over 425 strong.
2006 Jim Donahue (6)
Stuart Harrison (6)
15 monthly activities including one at GMU and one field trip.  Post awards 2 scholarships and 2 summer camps plus hosts June 15th golf tournament (profit $9,500).  The inaugural annual Small Business Forum and Journalism Awards debuts.  Post Sustaining members increase 30% from 39 to 50.  Jim Donahue wins 2006 SAME lifetime achievement GOLD award.
2007 Stuart Harrison (6)
Mary Anderson (6)
15 monthly activities including 1 at GMU, 1 at Dulles AP, and 1 at Hampton.  Post awards 4 scholarships and 2 summer camps plus hosts June 7th golf tournament (profit $4,300).  Post Sustaining members increase 34% from 50 to 67.  Post gives 2nd Annual Award for Journalism in Recognition of Architecture or Engineering Achievement.
2008 Mary Anderson (6)
Regan McDonald (6)
14 monthly activities including a joint DC Sept Scholars and Honors Gala.  Post awards 7 scholarships and 2 summer camps plus hosts June 5th golf tournament (profit $9,300).  Post Sustaining members increased 67 to 75.  Post initiates and sponsors new University of Virginia Student Chapter.  Mary Anderson wins 2008 SAME individual Gold Medal.  2008 top large post.
2009 Regan McDonald (6)
Aimee O. Alix (6)
19 monthly activities including three for young members.  Post awards 6 scholarships ($15,000) and 3 summer camps plus hosting our 10th annual golf tournament (profit $7,800).  Post Sustaining members increased 75 to 100.  Post gives 4th Annual Award for Journalism.  2009 top large post.
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This decade may be called Life after BRAC.  So far, we have maintained 900 or more individual members and over 100 sustaining members.  We are off to an excellent start.  Only time will tell as we teeter between the third and fourth largest Post.  There is a minor trend of more firms having an office location in the greater DC area with sometimes a reduction of other regional offices.  We believe the future is bright with this trend.
2010Aimee O. Alix (6)
Donna Vereb (6)
19 monthly activities including two for young members.  Post awards 6 scholarships ($15,000) and 3 summer camps plus hosting our 11th annual golf tournament (profit $9,500).  Post Sustaining members remain at 100.  Post gives 5th Annual Award for Journalism.  End year as SAME's 3rd largest Post w/900 members
2011Donna Vereb (6)
Jay Manik (6)
14 monthly activities including one at the GMU campus.  Post awards 6 scholarships ($15,000) and 3 summer camps plus hosting our 12th annual golf tournament (profit $7,800).  Post Sustaining members up to 112.  Post gives 6th Annual Award for Journalism.  End year as SAME's 4th largest Post w/about 950 members
2012Jay Manik (6)
Bill Kilpatrick (6)
13 monthly activities including one at the GMU campus.  Post awards 3 scholarships ($7,500) and 4 summer camps plus hosting our 13th annual golf tournament (profit $6,000).  Post K-12 Outreach program strong with 13 sponsored events.  Sustaining members steady at 112.  Post gives 7th Annual Award for Journalism.  End year as SAME's 4th largest Post w/about 980 members
2013Bill Kilpatrick (6)
Ryan Anderson (6)
15 monthly activities including one at the GMU campus and our 65th Anniversary with LTG Hatch, 47th COE as our speaker.  Post awards 6 scholarships and 3 summer camps plus hosting our 14th annual golf tournament (profit $9,000).  Post K-12 Outreach had 13 sponsored events plus we increased our support to Wounded Warriors.  End year as SAME's 4th largest Post with 109 sustaining members and 965 individual members

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We will post the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s upon concluding the research of each decade. Source of this history are issues of The Military Engineer, Post records, and files at SAME Headquarters. We have the date, speaker, and subject for the meetings counted in this web page. However, we are missing blocks of time and need more pictures. Please contact LTC Douglas K. Lehmann (USA, RET), our historian/webmaster, with new and corrected information. Thank you.

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