Rob Harris

NOTICE: The SAME Ft. Bragg Post monthly general meetings > > > Third Tuesday of each Month.

This is how we GOLF! Allen Hand, treasurer for life

OCTOBER MEETING: Tuesday . . . 20 October 2015 . . .

NOVEMBER MEETING: 20 NOVEMBER 2015 . . . Get this on your calendar . . . FALL SPORTING CLAY TOURNAMENT

Notice . . . In order to gain access to Ft. Bragg, everyone needing access must obtain an an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Card at no cost. To obtain the entry card, go to the All-American Visitor Center. For more information on the AIE Card visit the Fort Bragg website at

The Ft. Bragg Post Awarded $16,000 in college scholarships at our 18 Jun 2014 General Membership Meeting. . . See Photo

SAME 2014 Scholarship Winners and Parents
2014 SAME Scholarship Winners

Again, welcome to the Ft. Bragg Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) post at Ft. Bragg . . . thank you for joining us and supporting our troops who are protecting us.