• To join SAME, I must?
    a. Be former military or plan to join the military after graduation.
    b. Be born or be a naturalized American citizen.
    c. Have an Engineering major/minor or taken three Engineering courses.
    d. All of the above.
    e. None of the above.

  • Awards:
    2013 Distinguished Student Chapter
  • Officers:
    President—Leona "Roz" Roszkowski
    Vice-President—Curtis Mason
    Secretary—Alejandra Martinez
    Treasurer—Adam Evans
  • Links
    Chapter Purpose
    School of Information Technology and Engineering
    Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Department
    ASCE GMU Student Chapter
    GMU National Society of Black Engineers Chapter
    GMU Society of Women Engineers
  • Benefits
    Professional Networking
    Résumé Posting
    Summer Internships
    Field Trips
    Future full-time opportunities
    Mentoring/Training from local engineering firms
    Free luncheon programs at Fort Belvoir meetings
  • February GMU Student Chapter Activities

    The GMU Student Chapter Post had their first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  They welcomed new members and gave an overview of what is planned for the spring semester.  One of the upcoming events will be the 2014 School Action Environmental Showcase (SEAS) at the GMU Center for the Arts on Thursday, April 10.  The Student Chapter will be helping with a fun activity geared toward elementary or high school students.  Be sure to contact one of the Chapter officers for more information.

    Above top: Alejandra Martinez (in front) with other SAME Student Leaders inside the Venetian in Las Vegas, and Above Bottom: Dinner reception the first night of the Workshop

  • September GMU Student Chapter Activities

    Members of the GMU SAME Student Chapter enjoyed a construction tour of a new dormitory being constructed at GMU by Balfour Beatty on September 24. Project Manager, Tommy Gallagher was the main host of the tour. The tour began with an introduction to the project superintendent, engineer and foreman, followed by a discussion of all the major parts of the construction process, from determining a need, feasibility study, bid process, bid award, and major challenges during construction.  Attendees were Justin Nieves, Leona “Roz” Roszkowski, Curtis Mason, and Perry Buckely.  [Thank you to Justin Nieves for input on this tour

    GMU Student Chapter Secretary, Alejandra Martinez, attended the SAME Student Leaders Workshop January 31-February 2.  The Workshop serves as a forum for Student Leaders from SAME Student Chapters to meet and discuss various facets of their school’s Student Chapter operation.  This is a great opportunity to share ideas. In addition military and civilian engineering professionals are available to answer questions on engineering support to the Department of Defense, as well as general career advice. The students also enjoyed a visit to the Thunderbirds Museum and to Nellis Air Force Base.

    The GMU SAME Student Chapter also scheduled SAME/ASCE interview sessions on October 9, 2013 in the engineering building conference rooms.  Photos of those sessions are below.

    Top: GMU students at the SAME/ASCE interview sessions. Ryan Anderson, NoVA Post President is on the left in the bottom photo.