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Come be a part of the first ever SAME, ASCE, and Joint Student Chapter Team Challenge Course at Fort Knox!

I am pleased to announce this exciting opportunity to break into Spring with on the Team Challenge Course at Fort Knox, KY.  We are working out the finer details and they will be posted soon.  The bottom line is it's going to be awesome and you don't want to miss it!

What's the deal?

The Student Chapter posed this idea in our Fall planning session to bring SAME and ASCE together in an event that would build team cohesion and provide an opportunity to meet students from our UofL Student Chapter.  This event will not only be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the spring weather, but an opportunity to network with our student chapter in a casual environment.  This is a chance for us to connect with the future of our profession and our organization as well as one another.  If you don't already have plans, mark your calendars now for Saturday, April 11, 2015 - you'll be glad you did.

Please RSVP for this event NLT Tuesday, March 10, 2015 via email to We need to know a tentative headcount so we have enough resources onsite to support this event.

Details to follow...

Exact time and location (tentatively 9am and it will be at Fort Knox) More information on the Challenge Course Objectives (we'll tell you more about the precise challenges you'll be conquering)

Find out more information about the course in the article and video below.



2014-2015 ASCE/SAME Student Chapter Officers

President Will Modrall
Vice President Joe Albrecht
Secretary Lucy Schurr
Historian Stephen LcFarland
Treasurer Cameron McGaw
Communications Director Mary Landgrave
Community Outreach Emily Ling
Fundraising Coordinator Billy Menkhaus
Intramural Sports Coordinator ustin Connor
Social Activities Director Ian Soucy
E-Expo Coordinator Eli Stumler

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