National Security Program

The principal activity of the PPP Readiness Committee is to build upon the relationships with local emergency management personnel by updating the Post's Emergency Preparedness and Response Report and to expand our circle of collaboration. Our annual report summarizes sustaining member capabilities useful to emergency response. The Readiness & Homeland Security Committee meets with emergency management leaders on Colorado Springs area military installations and with local & county emergency managers to identify needs that SAME sustaining members can meet.

In meeting with local emergency preparedness officials, we identify where our Post's resources (sustaining members) could help. Any "gaps" in the local plans that the Post's resources could fill would assist the overall readiness and resiliency of the local authorities. This collaborative process requires that we have a committee, train in NIMS and document our efforts in an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE REPORT. This effort has proven to be predictive as the NRP was revised in 2007 to become the National Response Framework.

The Readiness Committee updates sustaining members' emergency management profiles annually in the June to September timeframe. Pikes Peak Post Readiness Committee Members supports this committee.

The Readiness Committee will hold at least 2 Committee meetings each year. If you are interested in participating, please contact the National Security committee lead.

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