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The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for National Security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers, and related professionals.

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2013 goals for Tularosa Basin Post

2013 Tularosa Basin Post By Laws

Key Focus Areas for 2013

  1. Programs
    A viable program = active membership and ability to grow.
  2. Golf Tourney
    This is the main source of revenue for the Post.
  3. Scholarships
    This is our primary outreach tool.
  4. Monthly News Letter and Social Networking
    This will become our key means of informing current members and marketing to future potential members in the military, government service and sustaining member areas.
  5. Streamers
    This is our methodology for maintaining viability with Regional and National.

Key Areas for Future Development

  1. SAME Engineering Camp Sponsorship
    Look at increasing our outreach with Holloman schools to specifically sponsor some number of eligible students to the SAME engineering camps.
  2. Membership Growth
    We spoke about the need to grow our Post to the west - to WSMR and Las Cruces (both student at NMSU and sustaining member in the larger community).
  3. Partnership with High Plains Post at Cannon AFB

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