• To join SAME, I must?
    a. Be former military or plan to join the military after graduation.
    b. Be born or be a naturalized American citizen.
    c. Have an Engineering major/minor or taken three Engineering courses.
    d. All of the above.
    e. None of the above.

  • Officers:
    President—Aschvin Chawan
    Vice-President—Domenic Carr
    Secretary—Sophia Lee
    Treasurer—Charlie Cameron
    College Outreach Chair—Ali Chinisaz

  • Chapter Advisor—Dr. Brian Smith, Assoc. Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

  • Links
    Chapter Purpose
    School of Engineering and Applied Science
    School of Architecture
    ASCE UVA Student Chapter
    UVA National Society of Black Engineers Chapter
    UVA Society of Women Engineers Chapter
  • Benefits
    Professional Networking
    Résumé Posting
    Summer Internships
    Field Trips
    Future full-time opportunities
    Mentoring/Training from local engineering firms
    Free luncheon programs at Fort Belvoir meetings
  • Program February 21, 2011

    (R) President Aschvin Chawan and (L) VP Domenic Carr
    (C) SAME Director Jim Donahue and presentor of:
    America's Aging Infrastructiure: Big Challenges for Engineeers
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